Ryans Predictions for 2008

2008 is going to be an exciting year for the fitness industry.

Here are my „semi“ world-famous predictions for the industry for 2008…

1. As people are getting busier, you are going to see more brief workouts,
what I am officially naming „MINI WORKOUTS“

2. There will be less „one on one“ personal training and more small group and semi-private training

3. There will be a greater shift away from aerobic training to more
intense high intensity interval training.

4. Fitness bootcamps are going to continue to explode in popularity.
And more „30 minute“ circuit facilities will go out of business. Many are closing at an alarming rate as owners are realizing often the numbers don’t add up.

5. More and more people are coming to the Internet for their health and fitness information. Sales of fitness programming and information products online will continue to explode.

6. Kettlebells are going to continue their momentum and become more and more part of the fitness mainstream.

About The Author


Leidenschaftlicher Bewegungspraktiker und begeistert von den Möglichkeiten des Internets für Fortbildung und Marketing. Ich liebe meine Familie, Wasserball spielen, Katamaran segeln, Lesen und Espresso.