Aktuelles Zitat: Ross Tucker

„(…) The golden rule in science should be that polarization should be regarded as highly suspicious.  There are very few things that are known with absolute certainty, and when you’re dealing with incredibly complex human physiology, the individual differences that make us who we are, what we’re good at, how we run and what we eat, for example, are so vast and complex that nothing can be polarized without being wrong!  So when someone says „It’s all about training, genes don’t matter“, they’re just as wrong as someone who says „It’s all about genes, training is irrelevant“.(…) „An individual approach is the only accurate way to go – it’s not great for the media who love the sensation, and it’s not great news for the gold-diggers who want sensation to sell books, but that’s the reality.“

Quelle: http://www.sportsscientists.com/2012/03/vibram-shoes-named-in-lawsuit-danger-of.html

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