Better is better!

Scott: For fitness athletes, looking better is necessary but insufficient for quantity and quality of life. For tactical athletes, performing better is necessary but insufficient if you’re a trainwreck of injured inefficiency, downing a Jim Beam and percocet cocktail to manage the pain of performing. Don’t just look and perform better; move, feel… BE better.

My Comment: So true! I believe its a mix of a lack of education of the everyday-life-athletes (who does not want move, feel and be better?) starting by imitating their parents, school-sports, media and the result of ongoing disinformation fed by the (mis-)“leaders“ of the old Fitness-Industry pointing out the „advantages“ of the in any way inferior „high-tech“ fitness nonsense. If you have no clue how to structure a good workout and choose simple but effective exercises you need a product that can materialize pretended or misused knowledge of other people or traditions (vibrating kettlebell – still cant believe it!) to make a lot of money with people who know even less… I have a strong scary feeling that we are misused in many areas we dont have the necessary knowledge in yet. Just have to think of BP and the many others industrial giants.

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