E-Motionales Workout

Well-being is strongly related to your emotional and physical health. If your emotional style is not working for you, the first and most important ingredient of change is awareness. Richard Davidson, Ph.D., neuroscientist and psychology professor

Wohlbefinden = Emotionale und physiologische Gesundheit. Also: Regelmäßig ein körperliches UND emotionales Workout durchführen.

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  • To Boost Resilience: For five to 10 minutes at a time, four or five times a week, visualize someone you know who is suffering—an ill neighbor or a friend struggling in her marriage–and on each inhalation, imagine that you are taking on that suffering. On each exhalation, imagine the suffering is transformed into compassion, which will help ease the person’s pain.
  • To Increase Positive Outlook: Fill your home and workspace with upbeat reminders of happy times, like photos of your family or vacations, and change the pictures every two weeks. Find opportunities to compliment others and make the effort to express gratitude often, by offering a warm thank you and writing down the things you appreciate in others and in your life.

To Become More Socially Intuitive: When in public, watch people’s body language and try to guess what they’re talking about and what emotions they are expressing. Start to also take notice of friends and colleague’s facial cues and body language and how it corresponds to their tone of voice.

  • To Enhance Self-Awareness: Initiate a daily mindfulness meditation. Choose a time when you feel the most awake and alert, sit upright, concentrate on your breathing, notice the sensations in your body and, if you become distracted, bring your focus back to your breath.
  • To Better Regulate Emotional Reactions: To identify what produces a strong reaction in you, regularly make a list of the specific events or behaviors from the day or week that triggered your response. Then spend about 15 minutes thinking about these behaviors while breathing deeply until you feel comfortable and more relaxed.
  • To Increase Focus and Attention: Spend 10 minutes every day sitting in a quiet room with your eyes open. Focus on an object (a lamp or a piece of art), keep your attention and eyes trained on it, and if your thoughts begin to wander, bring them back to the object.

Die Emotion (v. lat.: ex „heraus“ und motio „Bewegung, Erregung“) ist ein psychophysiologischer Prozess, der durch die bewusste und/oder unbewusste Wahrnehmung eines Objekts oder einer Situation ausgelöst wird und mit physiologischen Veränderungen, spezifischen Kognitionen, subjektivem Gefühlserleben und einer Veränderung der Verhaltensbereitschaft einhergeht. Emotionen treten beim Menschen und bei höheren Tieren auf. Die aus einer Emotion folgende Interpretation eines Objekts oder einer Tatsache bezeichnet man als „Gefühl“. Wikipedia

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